Carrier Fees

March 2, 2022 2022-11-28 10:45

InsuredCRM Carrier Fees

Add’l Carrier Fees May Apply

Text Messages Emails Outbound Dialing
$0.03/SMS (Unregistered Brands) $0.0049/Email $ 0.035/Min or VM Drop
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What if I don't want to pay for calls or texts?

No problem, you still have access to all of the other features of InsuredCRM! The phone system is an optional tool inside of InsuredCRM that you do not have to use if you don't want to.

How often will I get charged for sending out texts/calls now?

You control this based on your settings and how much you text/call. To control this, navigate to the "company billing" section and edit the "auto recharge with" and the "when balance is lower than" settings.

Does this have any effect on my monthly subscription?

This has nothing to do with your monthly subscription. Paying for your texts/calls and paying for your monthly subscription are completely separate things.